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Apartment Living: Tips for Finding the Most Compatible Roommate

Sharing an apartment with a roommate makes great economic sense. How do you find the best roommate to share your living space? Utilize these tips and make your search using criteria and methods that will help you select the best potential match for your style of living.
Tip #1:  Ask Your Friends and Family
Get the word out to your friends and family. Informing them that you are on the hunt for a roommate is a great way to find out who else they know that is out there looking for a roommate. These are people that already know your habits and lifestyle. They can help steer you in the direction of a potential 'roomie' that shares some of the same interests.
Tip #2:  Know What You Are Looking For 
You are about to make a major decision. Take the time to make a list of criteria your roommate must match. Define the things that are important to you in a living situation so you can weed through the potentials that will be headed your way soon. Be honest with yourself about what's important to you. Start with some easy choices:  non-smoker or smoker, male or female, shift worker or non-shift get the ball rolling.
Tip #3:  Advertise Online and Places You Frequent
We live in an online world and that world has websites like, Craigslist,, and Facebook. Take a look at these sites and post and/or advertise to find your roommate. You can create a profile or post listing your expectations and target it to your geographic area. Check websites and/or physical message centers of places you visit like your place of employment, gym, church, and alumni centers, and see if you can place an advertisement or notice there. 
Tip #4:  Share Your Interests and Expectations in Advertisements/Posts
Your potential roommate is checking you out to see if you are someone they can get along with as well. Give them some information on what you like to do and what it would be like to room with you. Discuss the types of movies you enjoy, what type of books you read, hobbies you pursue, and places you frequent. Tell them what type of housekeeper you are, what your tastes run to in decor and a quick description of your personality. Remember to keep it real and honest.
Tip #5:  Ensure They Can Cover Expenses
It's a reality that is costs to live. Have a frank conversation with any potential roommate about monthly expenses outside of rent. Make sure to include all bills and how much their portion will be each month. Explore what their occupation is and make sure their work is steady. You don't want to have to find another roommate a few months from now because their employment was temporary.
The above tips can help you consider the things you need to in the selection of your perfect roommate. Using these tips will help narrow your choice to someone with similar habits and personality traits that will make sharing living space a dream.
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